On the ZipMania.it online shop, a careful selection of Zippo lighters from the most popular to the most niche. Classic, iconic, celebratory, screen-printed, customizable, rare or limited edition Zippo lighters but also the most recent and new specimens, all strictly original. Everyone can choose the model that best suits their personality and pockets, the one to add to the collection or to give as a gift to a special person. Zippo lighters are the flagship product of the American company Zippo Manufacturing Company born in Pennsylvania, in 1932. An object that has become very famous for its line, which has remained substantially identical to the original model designed by Geore G. Blaisdell, who went down in history as Mr. Zippo. The Zippo lighter is today the lighter par excellence, loved and sought after by collectors from all over the world, the favorite of smokers but its fame has lasted for so long, also celebrated by memorable scenes from Hollywood cinema and as many mythical anecdotes that it is imposed in the collective imagination as an object of worship.

Zippo - Integrity Collectible 2020 Limited Edition

The Zippo “2020 Integrity Collectible” lighter is sold exclusively online. On the front of this 1935 Replica lighter is engraved one of the first Zippo logos with the Two-Tone Laser Engraving process. This process has two different depths, creating a unique contrast in the image. The famous words of Mr Blaisdell and a portrait of George G. Blaisdell himself are laser engraved on the reverse.

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