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Zippo for Pipe - Marijuana Leaf

37.70 (Tax Free)
(Flacone da 125ml di benzina + 6 Pietrine + Stoppino.)
(Flacone da 125ml di benzina + 6 Pietrine + Stoppino.)
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Limited Edition model, catalogue CHOICE 2019.

Pipe Lighter with brass pipe insert. Marijuana Leaf design on a Green PVD base.

Code on the bottom : F 18

Provided with ZIPPO Original cardboard box and Official Licence.

ZIPPO Standard Measures: 55mm x 40mm - Thickness 10mm - Weight 60g.

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An incredible selection of unique lighters – new finishes, new engraving combinations – sets high expectations for record-setting sales from this Zippo
Choice. This selection of lighters goes beyond the limits of ordinary to truly Choice distinction!

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